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29 April 2011 @ 02:33 pm
Suth Moot III  
Suth Moot was most excellent. I was very glad that it lived up to the description that I'd given my SO who is a newcomer to the SCA. The classes and activities were informative and fun, the people wonderful and the feasts were truly marvelous.

The site was more lush and green than in previous years but well drained and the weather was dry and fair from Saturday on. There were not the clouds of mosquitoes I had feared, nor were there wasps hanging about as I've come to expect, which was a good thing.

My children spent most of their time in "kid mob" formation either engaged in informal games with their peers in the sand pit area or one of the shelters, playing boffer battles near the band stand or swept into an official kids activity, of which there were many. Many, many, many.

I did get sick -- a sore throat which I would have taken to the event with me, but which only announced itself on Saturday when all I could really do was step-up my hand-washing protocols and avoid breathing in the direction of people who I reckoned might be more than usually susceptible to picking it up.

The girls and I went off site on Sunday to attend a family occasion. I was feeling very ill for most of the day and I was worried that I would spend the rest of the event lying in my tent, but the malaise lifted somewhat an hour or so after arriving back on site. I was still sick, but it was tonsillitis-sick, not nausea and migraine sick.

That level of unwellness persisted into Monday, through pack down and the trip home. And I actually still have it, having lost at Doc-lotto at the walk-in clinic on Monday and having had to go back today to actually get the antibiotics it was obvious I needed all along. *pout, grump*

I'm inspired to make stuff, SO is inspired to make stuff, the girls want to go again next year... which leaves me in an interesting position. I would like to get to Festival with SO sometime in the next year or so, but the logistics are interesting and the combined "missing out" factor of all five of us not being able to go to Suth Moot is substantial enough to potentially outweigh the "missing out" factor of two of us not being able to go to Festival. Especially considering that I'm the only one who feels the full weight of missing out on Festival. Hmm.

Either way, there are projects to work on. A geteld, at least. Some bags and boxes, too. And a decent bed has come up the list of priorities; air beds suffice, but do not really make for restful sleep, and good sleep is really important to enjoyment of any camping event (and survival of the trip home).

And GSG is looking interesting and SO and I are keen to go. One obvious problem we need to solve is how to get from Hobart to the event site, but I am hoping that there will be enough wayfarers arriving sans cars for there to be default contingencies for that.