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15 February 2013 @ 01:55 pm
Keeping track  
Spaulder is cut out - only a shoulder plate per the request of Ulfgeirr. We soaked, shaped and hardened it, but it needs another go-around to get the curve we reckon it needs.

Arming caps are partially assembled. I keep forgetting to measure Ulfgeirr's calves, though, so the pants are still in their one-large-piece-of-fabric form.

I dug out what I thought was the proto-Roman garb, but it turned out to be the fabric that was left over from that project. I have no idea where the pieces I am looking for might be, which is making me lean toward rummaging for fabric to make a simple, voluminous dress, and if I happen to stumble across the proto-Roman pieces, I can decide what to do then.

Packing list will be short: enough garb and feasting gear for the two of us, cash, bedding, Ulfgeirr's armour, some sewing and craft things for me and... I'm sure I'll think of more.